Digital, social media & online marketing strategists

Martin & Martin specialises in creating visually appealing digital content with proven effectiveness. We build professional SEO websites for individuals, small businesses and large companies. Through social media our team can help your company optimise your current campaigns and develop a customised marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Like all mainstream media, digital advertising brands and it sells product. Digital advertising is not a one off medium. It’s not divorced from traditional positioning and communications. We use content and search sites to extend your project brand to reach your target audience.

  • Website designs to sell 
  • Micro sites 
  • CMS 
  • Mobile sites 
  • Mobile apps 
  • Electronic Direct Marketing 
  • SEO & SEM 
  • Pay per click advertising


Video Marketing strategy

We live in a world where technological advances are rapid and everything is instant. Multi tasking between television, radio, and digital platforms is now the norm. Grabbing the consumers attention is getting more difficult to achieve. We know how to cut through the clutter. Our approach is to keep it simple. We look for the big idea and the problem to solve. We create pictures that  tell a credible story with exciting and memorable visuals to sell your project. We know what works and how to implement campaigns.

Our comprehensive services include – script writing, visualising the storyboard, art direction, filming, post mix + editing and finally publishing the video. We are a one stop creative shop and produce everything in-house by our talented design team.

  • Corporate video
  • Television commercials 
  • Animation 
  • Power point presentation 
  • Artist impression photography